Building a Robot is Easy!

Every time we see robots, we are always in awe because of such amazing inventions. We give high praise to the inventors because we know that building robots is not easy. However, we must remember that everything starts with small things. Therefore, even in making a robot, there is definitely a simple way on how to build it. Let us take a look at one of the easy ways on how to build a robot.

Soldering Iron Gun

In building a beetle robot, the materials needed include the following:

Soldering Iron Gun

-Mini glue gun
-Diagonal cutter
-Electronic solder
-Soldering iron
-2x - sub mini lever SPDT switches
-1x - meter of electric wire
-1x - wooden pearl, which is needed for the caster
-1x - 2 cm of heat shrink
-1x - battery holder AA
-2x - big paper clips
-2x - small paper clips
-2x - small 1.5 Volts of motors

The first step on how to build a robot is to cut thirteen pieces of 6-cm electric wires and then both ends of each of the 6-cm wires should be stripped at least 1 cm long. Each wire should then be soldered to each component mentioned above aside from the two batteries.

The next step on how to build a robot is to make a connection with the use of the battery holder. The result of this is another connection. Make a connection using the black and red wires while the blue wire creates the new connection.

The battery holder should now be turned upside down, letting the batteries face the ground. The two SPDT switches should then be glued to the battery holder, forming a V shape. The motor should then be glued to each of the switches, allowing the shaft to touch the ground.

The next step on how to build a robot is to make the caster with the use of the big paper clip. Now, create an antenna using the small paper clip. The antennas should be glued to the switches but we must take note that only small amount of glue should be used. The shaft of the motors should be added with a centimeter of heat shrink.

The last step on how to build a robot is to put the batteries inside the holder, place the finished product on the ground and see how it moves!

See, it is not difficult to create a simple robot. As soon as we learn to build small or simple robots, we just have to think big in order to be inspired to create bigger ones.

Building a Robot is Easy!
Soldering Iron Gun

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